Working Papers

The Employment Impact of Green Fiscal Push: Evidence from the American Recovery Act,” NBER Working Paper #27321, June 2020 (with Francesco Vona, Giovanni Marin and Ziqiao Chen).

Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Energy Sector,” NBER Working Paper #27145, May 2020 (with Jacquelyn Pless, Ivan Hascic and Nick Johnstone).

Technological Spillover Effects of State Renewable Energy Policy: Evidence From Patent Counts,” NBER Working Paper #25390, December 2018 (with Wangcong Fu, Chong Li, and Jan Ondrich).

China and India as Suppliers of Affordable Medicines to Developing Countries,” NBER Working Paper #17249, July 2011 (with Tamara Hafner).

Knowledge Spillovers in Interdependent Economies” (with Yonghong Wu and Stuart Bretschneider), May 2001.
Note: because of size constraints, Table 4 is not included.

Description of data used in my energy patent papers (taken from chapter 2 of my dissertation).

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