PAI 777 Useful Links

Spring 2021

Environmental Economics Blogs

An Economic View of the Environment

This blog focuses on economic analysis of environmental policy, and is written by Rob Stavins, a Kennedy School Professor and the editor of Readings on Environmental Economics.

Environmental Economics

The primary contributors at this blog are two environmental economists, Tim Haab of Ohio State University and John Whitehead of Appalachian State University.

Environmental and Urban Economics

This blog is written by Matthew Kahn, an environmental and urban economist at UCLA. Kahn offers an economist’s perspective not only on environmental and urban issues, but other timely issues as well.

Research Tools

SU Libraries Home Page

Includes an on-line catalog and links to articles.

SUNY-ESF Moon Library Home Page

SU students have borrowing priviliges at the SUNY-ESF library. They may have some resources that aren’t available at SU.

Public Administration Research Guide

A guide to library resources relevant for research in Public Administration.

Resources for Economists on the Internet

Useful web sites for economists. Includes sources of data, information on the profession, and a link to jokes about economists!

Government Resources

Environmental Protection Agency

An excellent source for information on environmental problems.

EPA’s Clean Air Market Programs Home Page

This site includes information on market-based policies to combat air pollution. Of particular interest is the information on the SO2 permit trading program, which includes updated data on allowance trading.

Department of Energy

If you are doing research on energy-related topics, this is an excellent place to look for information.

Energy Information Administration

    A branch of the Department of Energy, this site contains lots of data and information on energy and environmental issues.

U.S. DOE Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE)

    EERE is part of the Department of Energy. It is a reliable source for information on a wide range of alternative energy sources.

Energy Explained

A guide to all aspects of energy provided by the Energy Information Administration.

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Census Bureau

These two government sites are the most useful if you are looking for detailed statistical tables. Be warned, however. Greater detail means it can take longer to find what you are looking for!

United Nations Environment Programme

    A useful link for global environmental information.


The home page for Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, which prohibits commercial international trade in a list of endangered species agreed upon by the signatory nations.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

    The leading source for information on climate change.

World Trade Organization (WTO)

The website for the World Trade Organization includes a section on environmental disputes (

News Media

The New York Times

Washington Post

The Economist

Other useful sources for national or local news.

Other Useful Sites

Resources for the Future

    Resources for the Future is a research organization, based in Washington, D.C., that focuses on economic analysis of environmental issues. Their work includes both technical working papers and overviews of important issues written for a general audience. A good source to check for up-to-the-minute research on environmental matters.

Ecosystem Valuation

    Designed by Dennis M. King, Ph.D, Univ. of Maryland, and Marisa Mazzotta, Ph.D, Univ. of Rhode Island, this site describes the methods economists use to value ecosystems. It is designed to be accessible to non-economists, and includes several real-world examples of the techniques we discuss in class.

Public Administration and International Affairs Homepage

Find out more about your favorite PAIA department.