PAI 897 Useful Links

Fall 2023

Research Tools

SU Libraries Home Page

Includes an on-line catalog and links to articles.

Resources for Economists

Useful web sites for economists. Includes sources of data andinformation on the profession.

Math Resources

The course is designed for students with little or no background in economics.  The only mathematics used are graphs and algebra.  If you are unfamiliar with this material and/or would like a refresher, below are some mathematics resources that may be of use:

In Math Basic Algebra Intro

SOS Math Algebra

Virtual Math Lab Beginning Algebra

Government Resources

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Census Bureau

These two government sites are the most useful if you are looking for detailed statistical tables. Be warned, however. Greater detail means it can take longer to find what you are looking for!

World Bank

A very comprehensive collection of data on both developing and industrialized economies.

News Media

The New York Times

Washington Post

The Wall Street Journal

The Economist

Other Useful Sites

Top 100 Economic Blogs

Public Administration and International Affairs Homepage

Find out more about your favorite PAIA department.